Brainbase Video Case Study

Brainbase achieves new levels of product stability with Testlio

313 issues

discovered last quarter

17 runs

last quarter

425 tests

across seven testing areas

Nikolai Tolkatsjov, Co-Founder & Head of Product for Brainbase, shares a bit about Brainbase’s license management business software, their approach to software development and testing, and their partnership with Testlio.

Testing areas

Functional, exploratory, regression


Nikolai Tolkatsjov, Head of Product


Business software


Mid-size startup


Hi, my name is Nikolai, and I’m the co-founder and head of product at Brainbase. We build tools that help companies manage and monetize their actual properties. We have customers all across the globe. Some of the examples are BuzzFeed, Hello Kitty.

At Brainbase, we build software using the agile framework, which means that we want to have frequent, stable, and ultimately bug-free releases. We’ve had the frequency of part covered pretty well, but we did have issues with general stability and bugs, which, you know, a lot of early-stage products have.

We were looking for someone who would be an extension or, rather, even a part of our core team; someone who would learn and know about our product as much as we do and ultimately be able to test and look at the product through the same lens as we or our customers. We wanted someone who would be flexible enough that we could integrate them into our sprint processes. And, we didn’t really want to go through all the hiring processes, then building out all the internal processes, writing out test cases, and so on.

Our product is pretty complex. So there’s a high learning curve initially, which meant that maybe old-fashioned testing providers who use random testers all the time and those testers, which weren’t really a good fit for us. They are fully integrated into our screen process. Whenever a ticket in Jira ends up in the QA column, they jump right on it. They will actively collaborate, go back and forth with our engineers. Are there any additional questions and so on. And ultimately, they verify all the tickets that we work on. Whenever we prepare a major release, we ask Testlio to go over all parts of our products and let us know if there are any issues.

Our product is more stable than ever. Everything is running smoothly from a process standpoint. They are very quick and flexible. They’re constantly looking to learn more. They ask us questions they want, looking for opportunities to improve. Our engineers love their level of detail and the quality of the bugs. And, yeah, ultimately, they have a great customer success team who cares!

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