7 powerful female QA leaders across the globe to follow

The women featured in this spotlight have many things in common: intelligence, practical experience, a passion for QA. Some are mothers. Some were educated in a university, some learned on the job. Some are CEOs. All of them are part of a global workforce, working remotely for companies across a variety of countries with unique perspectives, insights, and experiences.

For QA professionals looking for software testing inspiration, pathways to success, emerging tech tips, or a new bootcamp, start by exploring the resources offered by these 7 women leading the fray in software testing and QA.

Beth Marshall, Staff Quality Engineer at Smoothwall

Marshall is based in Leeds, England.

Julia Pottinger, Head of Training and Development at Quality Works

Pottinger is based in Kingston, Jamaica.

Sri Priya P Kulkarni, Senior Test Automation Specialist at IBM

Kulkarni is based in Bengaluru, India.

Kristel Kruustük, Chief Testing Officer and Founder of Testlio

Picture this: 2012, London. Kruustük is a full-time tester with a passion that isn’t being met by her current company and the present state of QA.

Kruustük noticed the lack of quality software testers and massive frustration around QA best practices. Kruustük and her partner, Marko, came up with an idea and pitched Testlio at the Angel Hack hackathon, where they won first prize and seed money. 

Today, Testlio is the leader of networked testing with a community of more than 10k software testers and 150+ global employees serving clients like NBA, Microsoft, CBS, etc.

Kruustük is based in Talliin, Estonia.

Dawn Jardine, Director of Quality at Rangle.IO

Starting her career over 20 years ago, Jardine climbed the QA ladder one rung at a time, starting as a test specialist to QA analyst, lead, manager, and now her senior director role. 

Jardine is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Angie Jones, Advisory Board Member at Applitools and Executive Director of Test Automation University

Emerging from her role as Senior Software Engineer at Twitter, Jones transitioned to Applitools, where she developed Test Automation University into the world’s largest online software testing education platform. As of Dec. 2021, Jones is leaving Applitools.

Jones is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. 

Elizabeth Zagroba, Quality Lead at Mendix

Zagroba currently serves as Quality Lead at low-code software platform Mendix where she reviews and contributes code to a Python test automation repository for 15+ teams building Mendix apps across three units.

Zagroba is based in Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands.