Whether you’re building web or mobile apps, quality assurance is a non-stop cycle of corrections, updates, and improvements. And, QA takes time. But with crowd testing, you can quickly identify software issues, fix them, and release them with confidence.

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What’s driving the growth of crowd testing?

Development and QA teams must build, test, and release new applications and update existing features to serve changing consumer needs. Unfortunately, the breakneck release schedules mean in-house QA can’t always keep up. Crowdsourced testing fills the gap.

In addition to consumer demand for web and mobile applications, there are several recent workplace trends behind the growth in crowd testing. For example, a global labor shortage of skilled tech talent is pumping the breaks on growth for technology companies. 

I’ve been seeing for several years, if not decades now, the immense shortage of talent in the tech sector, if you look at the high-growth tech companies, particularly the large market-cap companies. Most of them have thousands and thousands of jobs there that they’re just not able to fill because the talent just isn’t there for them to do so. And that really hinders their ability to grow and really add even more net to our income.

Tim Rowley, CTO and COO of PeopleCaddie – TechRepublic

Finally, many companies shifted to a remote or distributed workforce during the pandemic. The ability to produce quality work at any time and any location has significantly improved overall productivity for many organizations.

A global labor shortage of skilled tech talent is pumping the breaks on growth for technology companies.

Utilizing a crowd means you have an on-demand workforce of testers with thousands of devices ready to test at a moment’s notice. Internal QA testing teams confidently tackle full coverage during peak periods of demand. Development teams release better software faster.

Key benefits include:

  • Time savings – No tester recruiting or day-to-day management
  • Cost savings – Fully utilized on-demand testers cost significantly less than FTE
  • Project flow – Testers from global time zones complement any engineering schedule

What’s the best crowdsourced testing company?

Testlio is the fastest-growing web and mobile app testing company globally, with the happiest employees and most satisfied customers. The reviews back this up.

Customers have voted Testlio the #1 Crowdsourced Testing Software company on G2, which is the largest B2B tech software marketplace. Testlio also earns the top mark on G2 for customer satisfaction. That recognition doesn’t come easy. To become number one within G2’s ranking algorithm, a company must capture a high volume of reviews from verified customers. The quality and age of reviews also influence ranking as well as overall NPS score. By the way, Testlio’s NPS is 75!

It’s hard to have satisfied customers if employees are not engaged and excited to come to work each day. While the industry average Glassdoor rating is 3.9/5, Testlio’s employees give us a 5 out of 5-star rating. 

Source: Linkedin, Glassdoor, G2, Guru99 10/7/21

How can we help? 

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Tim Ryan serves as the Director of Marketing for Testlio and spends his time between Austin, TX and New Orleans, LA.