What is a development team without QA?

There are a few problems with that idea though.

DevOps tends to look for automation of testing.

While that is a great way to test quickly and should be used in QA testing, automation is inherently narrower in scope. DevOps can only automate to look for a series of issues with the goal being to get the system to pass the test. If you’re a developer, do you really know what tests to automate? Your sole goal would be to get the automated test over with a pass, so you can move on to the next feature. Therefore, the DevOps automation testing tends to be quite simple and narrower in scope than a QA team.

The forest for the trees

Developers tend to be too near to the product. A QA team can give tests an outside perspective. After all, they didn’t build it, so they’d be more able to highlight possible issues that a development team might overlook. Developers have a vested interest in writing bug-free code, to prove that their team is great. The inverse of that, of course, is a team of QA testers whose goal is to find flaws. It’s a perfect balance.

Automation vs. Manual testing

Developers won’t usually look at creative ways to use the software, because they already know exactly how it was designed to function and will usually stay within those limits while testing. The end-user, and likely the QA teams, weren’t part of the design discussions though. Users will use software in a multitude of ways and developers need to test for as many scenarios as possible to ensure a consistent experience.

Quality of the team is everything

If your QA team has a team member that isn’t as experienced in a certain area of testing, that doesn’t mean that that team member shouldn’t be included. You want to diversify your team as much as possible and common side-effects are that you get a new perspective that the expert tester didn’t see and you get to train across your team for more in-depth experience.

Agile vs. Waterfall


By having these two teams working in close harmony, companies should be able to increase both the speed of their iteration and the quality of the software that reaches production.  

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