The coronavirus pandemic has motivated companies all over the world to embrace remote and distributed work options. Tech giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter have even begun a more permanent shift towards enabling virtual-working arrangements for their employees. 

New work-from-home trends and shifting market dynamics also affect customer behavior and demand for better digital experiences. For software development and QA teams, this means not only rethinking their approach to work but also finding new ways to shorten their product or feature releases without sacrificing quality. This is where remote software testing pays dividends. Yet it is not an easy method to pull off.

Compared to traditional testing and QA, remote and distributed software testing has the potential to increase testing coverage, better replicate user experiences, discover more issues, move faster, and deliver better economics. Yet it’s not an easy method to pull off. Coordinating dozens of testers in multiple time zones isn’t for the faint of heart.

Steve Semelsberger, CEO of Testlio.

To learn more about remote testing best practices and applications, join Testlio co-founder and Chief Testing Officer, Kristel Kruustük along with veterans QA practitioners Kevin Wilson and Kaisa Paavo for a 30-minute webinar.

Remote testing webinar: QA experts hosts

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • New ways of communicating, connecting and collaborating within agile software development and QA
  • How to adjust the Dev + QA partnership for remote testing
  • Tactics to improve remote test management
  • How to leverage distributed testing for speed and efficiency
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Don’t miss out on the chance to hear from our leading remote testing experts, watch the recording of this webinar.