Testlio Raises $6.25 Million To Continue Changing The Way We Test Apps

Testlio is a global testing service provider that helps development teams enhance their quality assurance function. They enable customers to focus on their development capabilities by taking ownership of the test plan management and execution processes. Testlio leverages a carefully vetted global testing community to test software builds, delivering validated bug reports rapidly within a customer’s existing development and testing environment. Customers gain the benefit of true real-world testing performed across the matrix of vast geographies, languages, device types and telecom providers.

Already profitable, Testlio grew 500% in 2015 and will invest the new funding to build out infrastructure in San Francisco and Tallinn, Estonia to support its global customers.

“Today, we partner closely with some of the most demanding companies in the world.” said Kristel Viidik, CEO of Testlio. “In the future, our goal is to change the way companies think about their testing processes as a whole. With mobile applications, every brand is able to directly reach their consumers with a high-fidelity experience. Quality assurance plays a critical role in ensuring the best experience possible, and these companies are in need of a trusted partner to help deliver on this mission. We are expanding our service beyond mobile app testing so that we can continue to meet the changing needs of our customers now and in the future.”

“Testlio has demonstrated their ability to deliver a high quality experience and expand their relationship with key customers representing some of the best brands in the world,” said Anthony Lee, Managing Director, Altos Ventures. “This is a rare quality in today’s fast-paced mobile industry. We want to help Testlio continue to grow and evolve as a company so they can stay focused on momentum without sacrificing quality.”