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6 qualities to look for in a software testing partner

Assessing software testing partners is often a challenge, but key indicators like NPS and industry intelligence can offer insight into a company’s ability to successfully aid a quality assurance strategy.

Here are six standards which help web and mobile app companies choose a software testing partner that’s the best fit for their business:

1. NPS

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the percentage of customers likelihood to recommend a company. Ranging from -100 to 100, NPS measures a customer’s overall sentiment about a brand, not their perception of a single interaction, thus it can provide a holistic view of a potential partner.

2. Industry know-how

3. Clear communication

Miscommunication can affect productivity and create a fragmented culture between two companies. Potential software testing partners must communicate efficiently, even from the initial outreach. This open channel of communication should extend to testing practices and ensure that feedback is received quickly and bug reports are easy to understand and practical.

4. Efficient testing methods

It’s challenging to navigate the many tests and strategies available between the plethora of devices, operating systems, and global market needs. Turning to a software testing partner can help cover gaps in testing methods, but make sure your partner has unbiased and effective methodology.

5. Seamless quality assurance

6. True partnership 

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