Three global QA trends for mobile applications

Mobile app creators must understand that large-scale shifts are changing how people work and how business gets done… And which trends are here to stay long after we find a vaccine. Those who respond to these changes ensure their organizations stand out from competitors. After all, in an already saturated market, competition for share of voice is only increasing. 

Three key global QA trends for mobile applications

1. Remote testing teams

With participants from different parts of the world, not only do managers gain valuable insights into how their product performs in those markets, but they also observe users in their natural environment with an unbiased perspective on the usability, functionality, and overall product experience. 

New Perspectives on Remote and Distributed QA
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2. On-demand QA testing

3. Burstable testing strategy

As noted above, sometimes hiring a full-time employee is neither possible nor a good idea. But beyond a merely scalable testing team, what if the additional staff also worked more effectively? That’s where a burstable testing strategy comes into play. 

The future of work

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