5 tools for strengthening the online retail experience

In this post, we introduce you to the tools that top retail brands are using to meet their digital experience objectives.

But first, let’s dive into the key factors of delivering an incredible online retail experience to help you determine which tools can best shore up your company’s weak spots.

The top factors in an amazing online retail experience

But what contributes to a great online experience for shoppers?

Let’s take a look at the top factors. These will help you determine your organization’s strengths and weaknesses to better inform your tech stack decisions.

  • Personalization – Customers want to see suggestions for products and digital experiences based on their needs. The best personalized experiences don’t feel creepy or invasive (such as “because you viewed…”), but are more natural and organic.
  • Omnichannel – An omnichannel experience takes into consideration the customer’s activity across your entire digital presence, from social to mobile to web, and back again.
  • Functionality – Is your online shopping experience easy to use? Can shoppers find what they need? Do product categories make sense? Are the menus, product pages, and buttons streamlined? Simple and intuitive functionality is a must.
  • Convenience – People who shop online are looking for supreme convenience. This should affect the navigation of your online shopping experience, the free shipping requirements, the checkout flow, the return process, and many other cross-departmental offers and decisions.
  • Enjoyment – The little things matter. Customers want the shopping experience to match the feelings they have about the brand. Humor, sensuality, relaxation, or other elements and emotions can all come into play with site design, AI-driven buying suggestions, microcopy, and more.
  • Support – After one bad mobile experience, online customers are 62% less likely to make a repeat purchase. Excellent customer support can help save the sale and the experience before it’s too late. While phone and email are still common, today’s online shoppers are increasingly turning to instant live chat.
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5 tools for improving the online retail experience

All of these recommended tools can be used to improve more than one of the above factors. Based on what areas you need to strengthen, you can mix and match these tools to build an amazing online retail experience for your shoppers.

1. FullStory

Best for improving personalization and functionality

Common elements that digital teams can improve with FullStory include search functionality, product listing, site navigation, checkout process, and personalized suggestions.

2. Testlio

Best for improving functionality, convenience, and enjoyment

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3. Hotjar

Best for improving functionality and support

Its top features include heatmaps that show popular and underutilized site features and buttons, session recordings to watch the activity of real online shoppers, contextualized user feedback on pages and site elements, and user surveys to collect insights on new features and fixes.

The company’s target users are ecommerce stores and online retailers, so you can rest assured that its features are tailored to your needs as a revenue-driving digital experience creator.

4. Freshchat

Best for improving support and convenience

Freshchat comes loaded with several amazing features to online retailers who won’t settle for anything but the highest rates of customer satisfaction:

  • AI-powered chatbots that can resolve issues and connect customers with live chat agents
  • Proactive chat prompts sent to individual site users based on their individual website activity
  • Contactless retail including management of pickup orders and communication on customer-favorite channels such as WhatsApp
  • Automation of repetitive and transactional chat and SMS messages
  • Centralized management of all communication channels including website chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email, and phone calls

5. Sitecore

Best for improving personalization, omnichannel efforts, and convenience

Retailers primarily employ Sitecore to personalize their digital storefronts, automate marketing messages and promotions to unique audience segments, and truly optimize mobile shopping.

The brands with the best online retail experiences experience higher revenue than their competitors and are better suited to grow in the future. With these tools, you can improve the top factors that customers care about and exceed their expectations.

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