New way to manage your work preferences

Today we are releasing a new and improved way for you to manage your work time preferences with Testlio. Here’s what’s new:

Work schedule

We are introducing a new week view for defining your work time preferences. From now on, you can set your availability preferences and let us know the exact time frame you are available for testing. This is a great way to manage your Testlio time around your other projects and allows us to invite you to test cycles that suit your plans.

You only need to do this once as the schedule you create is automatically duplicated from week to week. Easy!

Away schedules

If your name is actually “N/A”, this might be sad news for you! We are introducing a quick and easy way for you to tell us when you are taking time off from your regular work schedule. Just tell us the start and end dates of your “away time”, and we’ll plan the rest. This info is only shown to our QA project managers and Test Leads in strategic places, and in limited detail, making sure your privacy is exactly that – private.

Note: 1 month from now, we will be changing the ability to edit your name. Please update your name on the platform to remove any availability info by 1 July 2018. Thank you!