Most product and engineering teams aren’t collecting data from their manual testing because, up until now, this hasn’t been easy to achieve. Today with instrumented testing, software engineering, product, and quality teams can have rich, nuanced, and contextual manual testing insights at their fingertips. In addition to revealing new test data, teams can reduce their dependency on multiple diagnostic tools or processes.

Spend 30-minutes with us to learn instrumented testing best practices from Testlio Head of Services Summer Weisberg, Testing Director Rudolf Elbrecht, and Engineering Manager Kauri Kont-Kontson. They share how Android and iOS app instrumentation dramatically improves issue resolution speed and product quality.

Don’t miss this chance to learn:

  • How app instrumentation records and transmits unique testing session data to help expedite debugging and issue resolution
  • How to spot patterns and make faster decisions on issue escalation, changes, and more
  • How instrumented testing SDK leads to higher fixed issue potential
  • How to better understand problem areas and addressable trends for future development
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Watch now to learn how to dramatically improve issue resolution speed and quality.