How burstable testing benefits modern apps

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Burstable testing in an approach where teams of highly skilled testers swarm the app surface over a defined period of time to test a piece of shippable software. For modern apps, this offers highly effective and economical value-delivery. Breaking it down, we can highlight several benefits of strategically integrating burstable testing within a software product’s lifecycle.

High Skill Focus

Burstable testing requires teams of highly skilled testers with wide domain knowledge and rich usability experience. As part of a networked testing approach, these expert testers have a substantial background in testing different applications, so they gain an affinity for app best practices. Furthermore, a large portion of these testers stay consistent run-to-run while a smaller number of new testers are rotated to provide a fresh set of eyes. What this means for each specific testing task on a modern app is deeper testing, comprehensive perspective, and more resources per testing hour. 

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Economically Smart

Timeboxed Testing

Burstable testing is a successful approach to enhancing the quality of modern app delivery. It builds greater quality in the app release cycle and offers a wealth of testing insights to enhance the usability of the app itself – at significant economic benefits. 

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