With the worldwide health crisis shutting down offices, organizations everywhere have had to quickly embrace remote and distributed work. Software teams have had to rethink their approach to coordination, iterative work, meetings, and cross-team coordination. What’s becoming apparent is a need for flexibility and openness to different approaches to collaborating, partnering, and building great software.

While adapting to remote and distributed work on a wider scale undoubtedly impacts and challenges the way software development and quality assurance get done, networked testing approaches can make all the difference. For example, distributed software testing comes in handy for agile engineering and QA teams short on testing resources and looking for on-demand part-time talent.

However, successfully pulling off remote QA strategies can be tricky. In our new ebook, New Perspectives on Remote and Distributed QA, we share methods and ideas on how to maximize speed and efficiency in a remote-only world.

New Perspectives on Remote and Distributed QA

Key takeaways include:

  • Recent trends in consumer behaviors and the impact on the products we build
  • 20 best practices for optimizing agile software development and testing remotely
  • How to leverage on-demand distributed testing for rapid results and complete device coverage
  • Remote tools and integrations to manage testing from anywhere, at any time