Four consumer behavior trends: anecdotes from Testlio

Trend One: More time at home = opportunities for time-consuming setup

With some extra at-home time on her hands, one member of our marketing team used the pandemic as an opportunity to integrate her cacophony of entertainment platforms. She connected her TV to her phone, Alexa to her Samsung TV. It wasn’t a need, but the whole family was at home and looking for entertainment. Another Testlion uses an excessive amount of time setting up Minecraft playdates on Xbox for her son—but that’s how he’s spending time with friends, so it doesn’t matter how long the set-up takes.

A high-maintenance set-up can be a dealbreaker for some customers. But if the high-maintenance product fills a need, particularly in entertainment, now may be the time to roll it out.

Trend Two: In-app experiences have to be flawless

Rolling out new features for changing consumer trends is an integral part of competing digitally, but make sure that your user experience is near flawless and that you’re ready for quick fixes when it’s not. Brand loyalty starts to wane when consumers learn of a better user experience aligned with their needs. 

Trend Three: Re-evaluating and re-distributing digital inputs

When our social lives take a hit, our time online increases. And more time online has two Testlio employees reevaluating the role of their favorite apps. For example, one employee, feeling she was spending too much time on social media apps, now disciplines herself to wait until after work to scroll her Instagram feed. Yet another employee, who desired more “happy chemicals” in her day-to-day, decided to up her intake of TikTok during the week.

When consumers are more thoughtful about your app’s use, it’s time to be even more mindful about your development. Ask yourself: “What role am I playing in users’ lives? How can I be better?” Because those are the questions your users are asking themselves.

Trend Four: Interactive featuring is key

No matter what space you are in, some additional interactive featuring for your development team could be a worthy undertaking.

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