Business Software Testing Empowers Consumer-like App Experiences, According to Testlio’s 2021 Industry Report

The State of App Testing 2021: Actionable testing insights from exclusive client data and case studies

Driven by the complexities of business software products combined with user expectations for consumer-like experiences, the report highlights industry trends which include: 

  • Increase testers per run  – Business software leverages 50% more testers per run compared to Testlio’s industry-wide client benchmark. This enables complete coverage without increasing the number of new runs (where complex test setup incurs costs).
  • Test between sprints – Business applications require 12% more test turnaround time compared to Testlio’s industry-wide client benchmark. Testing continuously — immediately following dev sprints, on weekends, and overnight — allows business software teams to meet release deadlines.
  • Use domain-experienced testers – Business applications assume a level of industry-specific expertise. Testers must understand a product’s distinct use case to optimize testing outcomes. The report includes five things to consider while recruiting business software testers.

“Testlio is grateful to work with and learn from leading business software companies. Today, we’re thrilled to share data and perspectives with the wider industry. We hope that our findings support continued test-driven product excellence within the sector.”

Steve Semelsberger, CEO, Testlio