With the rise of fintech companies, SaaS, and new digital channels to sell goods and services, creating superb payment experiences has quickly become critical to any business that collects payments and pays out funds. Whether you offer a B2C or B2B product or service, ensuring seamless payments has never been more crucial. Ensuring these great payment experiences can only come through extensive payment testing strategies covering many device, user, and O/S combinations.

During the webinar, Lang and Samper shared real-world applications, challenges, and strategies businesses can use to improve their payment testing processes. Curious? Here are some of the key takeaways from the webinar:

Payment testing is not just for financial institutions

Payments testing is not just for e-commerce and financial services. Every company that collects payments and/or pays out funds should ensure that their payment flows are functioning correctly to retain users and stay competitive. 

Payment testing is crucial for user retention

Standards for seamless payment experiences are only becoming more critical to end-users – and they’re willing to leave if unsatisfied. Over $18 Billion in sales revenue is lost by e-commerce stores because of cart abandonment.

Users expect a smooth payment experience when they make a purchase online. If the payment flow is fast, clear, and works correctly, users are likelier to complete their purchase than abandon their cart. 

Use a variety of payment testing strategies

Businesses can use several payment testing strategies to ensure that their payment flow is working correctly. These strategies include pre-development testing, automation at every stage of development, end-to-end regression payment testing automation, and manual end-to-end testing when adding new payment instruments or locations.

Leverage data to scale payment testing efficiently

Businesses can leverage user and market analysis to scale their payment testing efficiently. This analysis first involves testing on various devices, payment instruments, and within geographical locations to ensure that their products are competitive, localized, and user-friendly. It also consists of gaining insights from data to improve payment testing processes continuously.

Marina Tampieri is the Events Manager at Testlio. Headquartered in Brazil with 10+ years of experience in the event industry, creating strategies and organizing in-person and online events from conception to completion.