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How to choose an app testing partner to scale your QA

You have likely identified a need to scale or improve your current software testing approach. But questions remain. Do you hire in-house testers? Do your engineers need to shift left and take ownership of code issues? Or, do you augment testing with crowdsourced QA or another type of app testing service? 

For many, the most efficient approach to scaling your testing is through a partnership. Unfortunately, finding the right testing partner is incredibly time-consuming; the path to an informed buying decision requires navigating an abundance of resources and making critical decisions.

What’s in the guide?

Five ways the software testing buyer’s guide will save you hours of research time: 

Unpack what you don’t know: A vital first step to scale your web and mobile app testing is to clarify the essence of your problem. Does your existing QA team need help? Perhaps it’s that you don’t have a testing team and want to outsource QA? Or, maybe you need a better software testing platform? You know you need to do something but may need help unpacking what you don’t know. Testlio’s buyer’s guide helps you quickly map out your specific needs to home in on critical requirements, including partner capabilities, processes, and price.

Explore your options: With your requirements mapped out, the next step is to understand the different types of testing partnerships. The guide offers a matrix of the four most common ways to partner, including the pros and cons of each. It also provides a checklist of what to look for in software testers.  

Questions to ask and red flags to consider: To save you time choosing the right software testing partner, check out the detailed question list and cheat sheet with cautionary red flags. Key themes include testing coverage, level of expertise, cost structure, and a window into the nuances of a partnership.  

Comparison shopping worksheet: A bonus for downloading the free guide is the included comparison shopping spreadsheet. Use it to capture notes and compare various vendors side-by-side. 

Decision Do’s and Don’ts: How do you know you’re making the best decision? Is there social proof, data, anything that might help you avoid buyer’s remorse? The guide offers a handful of do’s and don’ts to help you make the most informed decision.

For many organizations, the answer to scaling QA is through a software testing partnership. Testlio’s buyer’s guide enables you to navigate the software testing vendor landscape and make an informed partnership decision.