How Hornet Matches Millions With Testlio

For Hornet and the 20 million men using the Hornet app to date and connect with like-minded individuals, a quality user experience is a matter of success or failure.

In a digital ecosystem ripe with dating apps and websites, the customer experience often takes a backseat to user acquisition and marketing — not at Hornet. “When we started, we wanted to build the best mobile gay social network,” says Hornet CTO Armand du Plessis. “Quality has always been essential to our business model.” In fact, a focus on enabling users to meet each other and connect in meaningful ways without digital snags is deeply woven into Hornet’s culture — from the engineering team to customer support and across the organization.

Hornet launched in 2011 with a lean team of three. Armand and his colleagues knew they needed additional resources to scale their testing and support rapid user growth. They chose Testlio because of its access to a vast array of test devices and the expertise of its testers, who are vetted thoroughly before being invited to join Testlio projects.

Key benefits of Hornet’s partnership with Testlio include:

  • Testlio provides unparalleled device coverage
  • Testlio supports a consistently outstanding customer experience
  • Testlio fully integrates with Hornet’s team, creating a seamless and productive relationship

As Hornet continues growing, its relationship with Testlio will ensure its technology is cutting-edge — an advantage not easily duplicated or overcome.