Exciting news – Meelik Gornoi has just joined our mission!

Hey, Kristel here. We have some very exciting news to share with you! Meelik Gornoi has just joined our mission to build the best mobile testing platform in the world. He previously ran the quality team (and was one of the first developers) at Skype and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board.

Here are some of his thoughts on why he made the decision to join Testlio.

“The key to Testlio’s success is the community – it’s all about you. Together, I believe we can change the testing industry. We at Testlio are dedicated to building a platform where testers come together, share their experiences and learn from each other. I really love this idea!

No question we are in the middle of mobile device explosion. Already sales of mobile devices are outpacing both laptops and desktop computers together. The project is that all those mobile devices come with different operating systems, different screen sizes and localized settings. The opportunity to miss something or introduce device specific bugs is huge. This is where Testlio comes in – offering fully managed testing service. Everyone needs mobile app testing these days and I see big potential for Testlio to conquer this enormous opportunity.

Testlio has the best team to tackle those projects. There is Kristel with her strong testing background and passion for breaking things and then Marko with his technical expertise and experience in building software solutions. They really complement each other I know we can drive Testlio to success. I started at Skype as an engineer, but for the last several years at Skype I scaled the desktop & web clients testing team. So I have experience from both sides – developing software *and* seeing the burden of finding world class testers.

I’m excited to join the Testlio team and I believe together we will achieve great things! “