Here at Testlio, we are truly proud of our Pride. In this series, we check in with TestLions from different teams and positions to learn more about what they do every day to power networked testing. This time, our headliner is Cristian Gutierrez, a Testing Manager in Mexico City, Mexico.

Starting the day with a roar

My day starts quite early. At 5 AM, my wife and I go to the gym. While working out, I like to catch up on emails and Slack messages. I also usually read through tech news on sites like TechCrunch, ArsTechnica, and The Verge. Once back home, I have to have a steaming cup of coffee to kick-start my working day!

Hunting down the challenges

As a Testing Manager, my daily challenges revolve around providing the absolute greatest testing experience for our network of testers, ensuring excellent testing results and following the best testing practices.

We must put ourselves in the place of the end user for each one of our clients’ projects and create test plans that promote tester success. We support our Test Leads and network of testers to have confidence and pride in their work. It’s essential for us to encourage the testing team to grow and learn!

Connecting with the Pride

I try to be present in as many virtual All Hands and company-wide events as possible so that I can meet and interact with my fellow TestLions!

I especially enjoy the regular Testlio Connections events in Zoom, where we form smaller groups to get to know each other better. Besides different activities, I also keep a close eye on anniversary celebrations and onboarding announcements made in Slack and always react with a fun emoji 🥳

In October, we had several activities within the company related to improving mental health. I recently participated in a Guided Meditation session hosted by Antonio, a Senior Product Manager in Spain. I came out of that event feeling so at peace and refreshed. It’s great we have a true variety of ways to connect with each other.

Winding down & finding balance

I finish the day by submitting my hours in the Testlio Time App. However, sometimes I forget but our Testing Team Manager, Jessica, always comes to the rescue and helps me get those recorded. And while I may not be at my desk after office hours, I do have Slack and RocketChat on my phone to help support teammates, active testing runs and client requests.

To wind down after a long day, a hot cup of coffee and a book, especially on a chilly evening or rainy day, always relaxes me! I am currently re-reading America Before by Graham Hancock. His work around ancient civilizations and their astounding architecture and the use of advanced mathematics have always fascinated me.

Now, the total opposite of the above is that I love Formula 1 and watching the adrenaline-fueled racing of the Grand Prix makes any weekend an exciting one!

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