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Building Consumer Apps: The Power Of The CPO-CTO Partnership

When it comes to the working relationship between a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Product Officer (CPO), there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to the partnership — but having clarity…


Iowa caucus app fiasco a cautionary tale for all enterprises

The mobile application used to report the voting results in the Iowa caucuses was created by Shadow Inc. It failed largely because of inadequate app testing. “Shadow might have avoided…

App Developer Magazine

Best mobile device testing practices for 2020 from Testlio emerges

Testlio has released new mobile device testing data from a recent query of its client base, providing a unique look into the number and most common mobile device/OS testing combinations…


Four Modes To Build Technology Companies Infused With Purpose

Testlio CEO and member of the Forbes Technology Council, Steve Semelsberger, shares his perspective on how to infuse purpose into your technology company. Steve gives a major nod to Testlio’s…

Invest in Estonia

Kristel Kruustük: Estonia should be considered as an expansion base to conquer the world

One of the shiniest stars in the Estonian tech sky, Kristel Kruustük, founder of QA testing company, Testlio, suggests other businesses should consider Estonia as an expansion base to start…


How software testing firm Testlio transitioned to its new CEO

Interview with Steve Semelsberger and Kristel Kruustük on the evolution of Testlio and outsourced and crowdsourced QA testing.

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