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How We Built a Tech Company That’s 40 Percent Women

It’s not about hitting quotas; it’s about the right experience.


How Kristel Kruustük turned a passion for testing apps into a big business

Kristel talks to VB about Testlio and her entrepreneurial journey.


Podcast: How Testlio brought the power of a marketplace to the product testing space

Kristel talks to Mixergy about she discovered this business, where she’s getting customers, how she’s managing a marketplace of testers and more importantly what you can learn from her experience.

Red Herring

Kristel Kruustük on HR Dos and Don’ts, Estonian E-Success and the Dangers of “Hustle Culture”

Testlio CEO Kristel Kruustük talks to Red Herring about the work ethics growing up in a post-Soviet economy has taught her, hiring mistakes and how Silicon Valley’s “hustle culture” isn’t for everybody.


How Testlio wants to rethink software testing

Testing, testing: Software testing is necessary but maybe not fun; though this company has developed a passion for it.

From Founder to CEO

Podcast: How teamwork fuels this CEO

Kristel talks about her entrepreneurial journey in this podcast.

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