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We’ve been pleased that we’ve received a significant amount of press. We believe that we are building a platform that can really help tens of thousands of testers and companies. Every article helps and is appreciated.

We thought it would be useful to provide some resources that may be helpful.


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Testlio in the news


Top 30 Baltic Entrepreneurs To Watch

Our co-founder & CEO, Kristel is one of the top Baltic entrepreneurs to watch in 2017 according to Forbes magazine.

Business Insider

What Kristel Kruustük learned from starting a tech company

Our CEO Kristel shares some sage recruiting advice with Business Insider…


Future of Gig Economy

Today’s Gig Economy Treats Workers as Expendable Cogs in the Machine, but That’s About to Change.

Women 2.0

Enhancing the world of software testing

She elevated Software Testing to a whole new level — Meet Kristel Kruustük and her Testlions…


Tech Talks: Kristel Kruustük

Meet Kristel Kruustük, a one-time software tester who is leading innovative tech company Testlio into uncharted waters.


Living With My First Employee for 2 Weeks Taught Me Everything About Recruiting

This entrepreneur couldn’t fly out to meet a prospective hire, so she invited him for a two-week visit.