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We’ve been pleased that we’ve received a significant amount of press. We believe that we are building a platform that can really help tens of thousands of testers and companies. Every article helps and is appreciated.

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ShEO: Kristel Kruustük, Founder of Testlio

Kristel Kruustük was just 23 when she became disillusioned by how QA testers were treated. She came up with the idea of building a platform that would appreciate the work…

Irish Tech News

Business Showcase: Testlio

Testlio connects enterprises with the best global community of testers to provide amazing customer experiences.

Business News Daily

Embracing the Valley’s New Mantra: Sustainable Growth

Sustainable growth hasn’t always been in vogue, though. Watching the rise of companies like Uber and Facebook in the late 2000s made you feel like the best way to reac…


Vähetuntud Tallinna idufirma kaasas USAst suure investeeringu ja lendas sellega Eesti edukamate sekka

Founded by two young Estonians, the mobile testing startup Testlio raised more than six million dollars from two Silcon Valley investment firms, becoming one of Estonia’s most successful startups in…


Edukas toode saab alguse ühtsest meeskonnast

A successful product starts with a great team. There’s no perfect product – even the most successful one will have bugs, so it’s important to test it, gather feedback and…

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