Three Reasons You Should Choose Testlio

We combed through online reviews left by testers who have freelanced on traditional crowdsourced testing platforms and rounded up their most common complaints.


Traditional crowd testing platforms pay their testers based on the number of bugs testers are able to report and get accepted. So no matter how much work you do – no bugs accepted means you don’t get paid.

Here’s what testers complain about:

“No value for testers’ time and their efforts. Testers are taken for granted.”

“Sometimes they reject your test case and you don’t get paid even after you spent hours on it.”

“You can spend hours and days working on test cycles and make no money.”


The Pay-per-Bug business model of typical freelance testing platforms revolves around reducing costs, usually to the detriment of the testers. Payout rates remain relatively low compared to market rates.

Here’s what testers complain about:

“The hours you spend do not compensate for the ultra-low pay”

“Very low payout rates. Only bugs that are approved get paid. if you count the effort and time you spend per project cycle, your hourly rate would be peanuts.”

“Pay is not stable and very low for the amount of work.”


On conventional testing platforms, test cycles slots fill up on a first-come-first-serve basis. It’s a fight mode environment, where you have to race to claim test cases and find bugs before your peers.

Here’s what testers complain about:

“Too many people invited to each cycle, and some invited earlier than you, so they can report the bugs first. There’s a minimum number of test cases for a huge number of invites.

“Competitive market – a lot of testers are available for testing a project, it’s hard to be among the first ones to accept a project.”

How we do it better

The Testlio Difference

At Testlio, we always strive to pay our testers better-than-market rates, paying approximately 50% of our service-related expenses to our network.

Here you’re not part of a nameless, faceless crowd. We don’t send one test cycle invitation to hundreds of testers at the same time.

We call our testers TestLions as in Testing Lions – because our community is akin to a pride of lions. Strong. Made of unique individuals. Successful together.

Teamwork is encouraged and embraced. Our testers work together in a positive, collaborative, and mutually supportive environment.

Testlio is a good place for both newbies and experienced testers. The community here is excellent, there are many different exciting projects, and working as a tester gives great opportunities to grow professionally.

Testlio Network Member

Testlio pays based on the time allocated for testing in each project. If testers don’t find any bugs, they still receive payment for their efforts. In that regard, I feel free when working with Testlio. I can concentrate on the testing without any added stress and submit the best quality in every test cycle

Testlio Network Member

I’ve met some of the most intelligent individuals from the most interesting backgrounds using Testlio. Each and every person has treated me with kindness and holds an exciting spirit toward the tech world!

Testlio Network Member

Why work with us?

Work on exciting apps

Testlio helps more than a billion people use world-class apps in real-life moments that matter.

You can make a direct impact on global-scale consumer apps from companies of every size – including Microsoft, the NBA, MLS, USA Today and

Grow with us

With a wide variety of clients, technologies, experts, and approaches, we provide a powerful environment for testers to hone their skills.

As you continue growing with us, your responsibilities and hourly rate will increase to match your experience and contribution.

We pay for the value you bring

We pay better-than-market rates to incentivize our testers to dig deep into the product and find the most frustrating user issues.

Payments are made weekly based on the testing hours rather than the number of bugs you find.

Learn from the best

We hold the bar very high for our testers. Only 3% of applicants become Testlio network testers.

Our community is made up of 15k+ expert testers from around the world working together in a cooperative, knowledge-sharing environment.

1 billion
end users per month
More than
4.7 million
test scenarios and cases tested
We pay
of dollars each year to thousands of testers at best-in-market rates
one hundred
countries where testers live and work
A network of over
15 thousand
testing professionals
We test on
of real devices in every shape and form

Three steps to get started

Join our open community

After you sign up and set up your basic profile information, you will be part of our open community.

This grants you access to our Dashboard and training materials.

Validate your skills

In order to be eligible for regular paid projects, we ask you to go through platform training and skill validation.

Professional-level testers can then be invited to client projects.

Demonstrate your expertise

Increase the likelihood of a steady workstream by acing our advanced skill assessment tests.

Achieving an expert tester status gives you endless growth opportunities.


Network Values

Our community values are aligned with our company values.

Give a damn

Testlio was started by a tester. We are authentically and uniquely passionate about QA.

We value testers who love testing. It’s all about passion and going beyond what is obvious.

Challenge yourself

We believe that exceptional QA requires expertise, context, and focus.

Use your strengths and weaknesses to improve. The only constant is change.

Team is everything

We love testers who share and help others.

Practice generosity. Be transparent. Communicate. It helps us all grow as a whole.

Be kind

The Testlio community is a place where respect, kindness, and appreciation forms the essence of who we are.

Be mindful. Listen. Build deeper connections with your fellow TestLions.

Make an impact

Our clients represent the world’s largest consumer app providers. Your testing efforts are directly tied to their success.

Seek to transform Testlio and our industry.

Foster inclusion

Our community spans 140+ countries around the world.

Embrace people of broad identities. Appreciate individual differences.

Let’s get started

Become a tester