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Platform Team

Award-winning testing management platform. Powering networked testing. Leveraging AI/ML, cloud-based technologies, and robust APIs. Used by industry leaders. Ready for you to join.

Our customers include:

Why join Testlio?

We develop the industry’s most advanced cloud-based testing management platform—enabling clients to create excellent digital experiences for their users. Our multidisciplinary Platform Team creates software-powered solutions for change verification and validations in the DevOps toolchain to help engineering teams shape and modernize their SDLC. We offer robust, intelligent (AI/ML-powered), and scalable tools for teams of any size. Our software powers Network testing, Client Services, Instrumented Testing, Automated Testing, and much much more.

Our product development disciplines:

  • Product Management
  • Product Engineering
  • DevSecOps
  • AI/ML, Data Science
    and Data Engineering
  • Product and Marketing Design

Functional areas – find your match

Product Engineering Team

Creating quality software for our clients, services teams, and network of testers can be challenging. As Engineers, we are responsible for designing and building modern performant single-page web applications and microservices with REST and GraphQL APIs—using tools like Node.js, GraphQL, React hosted in AWS (ECS with Docker, RDS, ElasticCache, to name a few).
Do you have the skills and mindset to help us deliver great products and experiences for engineering teams?

Product Management

In the preparation phase, Product Management focuses on input gathering, market research, competitor analysis, defining problems, and setting requirements. Creating and running delivery backlogs with priority and clarity. Communicating with stakeholders and offering clarity into what and why we build and deliver. Post-release, we gather insights and feedback to validate our hypothesis and iterate towards product-market fit.
Do you have experience managing and owning B2B, SaaS/PaaS, or similar products?

Product and Marketing Design

Our brand is immersive and unique—compelling stories paired with an aesthetically distinct design speak proudly to our audiences. Our product is dedicated to provide experiences that are smart, intuitive, and shift the way we deliver software. We are ecstatic to supply beautiful bespoke experiences to Engineering teams around the globe.

AI/ML, Data Science, Data Engineering

Creating data pipelines, reports, training AI/ML models, and deploying them into our users’ hands. Whether they are a tester or customer engineer, we empower them to deliver human and supervised automated software testing solutions. Data is a vital element in feedback loops and we use it to offer AI/ML features across the platform areas. If you’re familiar with buzzwords like ETL vs. ELT, predictions, image recognition, graph theory, neural networks, or otherwise are generally interested in data and insights-led solutions—look no further.


Building a robust, scalable, reliable, and secure infrastructure in an AWS (or any cloud) environment. Offering DevOps pipeline for our teams—we seek automated, efficient, and streamlined processes. Using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC via CloudFormation or other means) as a vehicle to keep change management in control and following best practices to keep systems up and running, securely. Taking care of our internal processes and owning Platform solution infrastructure. Security & availability is our key focus—easy to access systems and tools in a distributed by design company.

How do we build products?

We take a holistic and collaborative approach to product development. Our work is rooted in our values: “Team is everything,” and each individual can “Make an impact.” Build groundbreaking products (such as this, and this) in the software testing market is hard and challenging, but very rewarding—from engineers to engineers.

Our product development lifecycle:

  • Problem identification and research
  • PoC development and feedback
  • Requirement design – business and technical
  • Roadmap build-up and planning
  • Iterate while continuous learning, adjusting
  • Observe, monitor, and improve continuously

How do we operate?

As a global company that is “Distributed by Design,” we operate in remote settings across the globe via digital collaboration tools and working experiences while also having a gravity workspace location – Tallinn, Estonia.

With our global network of testers and worldwide clients, we are a truly digital team.
Testlio’s values are tethered to our processes, mindsets, and culture. While each individual has a direct impact in shaping Testlio’s (and the industry’s) future, we highly value a team culture of inclusion and collaboration.


To deliver excellence, empowered teams adjust, optimize, and configure the agreed processes to their own rhythm and pace. We trust our team.

Being modern

We aspire to use the latest approaches, techniques, and tactics. However, we are not hype-driven—leveraging on more stable and proven technologies.


We take pride in our work, delivering great products and scalable, sustainable solutions. When they reach the market, we provide continuous support post-release.

Growth by failure

While trying new things out, we might sometimes fail in the process. It is OK. We are humans—we learn from our mistakes, shake them off, move on, and do better next time.

Be kind, but be honest

We value honest and transparent feedback that is kind and respectful—this propels the whole team forward. Being progressive means challenging the status quo.