Testlio empowered Voxer to build a reliable walkie-talkie solution with great user experience

People who rely on walkie talkies can often get bombarded with multiple incoming messages. As a digital live messaging app, Voxer eases that strain. Users can engage in quick live voice calls, but can also receive audio messages if they’re not able to listen right away. An emergency broadcast feature ensures that convenience doesn’t trump a crisis. Voxer is utilized by emergency responders, educators, companies, and families.

The complex testing environment

As an established startup, Voxer had existing QA processes in place, but not the full bandwidth needed to test a variety of environments and devices.

Andreea Matei, Voxer’s Lead Automation Developer, explains why testing for Voxer requires a high level of skill: “Different network environments need to be tested, and we need to simulate the user’s environment: Wi-Fi to no connection, Wi-Fi to 4G / 3G, mobile data to no connection and so on.”

“We required cycles to focus just on the connection environment,” says Matei. In-app purchases also posed a challenge, because testers needed working familiarity with a sandbox environment.

Fully integrated QA

Voxer had previously worked with a testing solution that employed the pay-per-bug model. As a result, the testers submitted countless low-quality bugs and were unable to make adjustments in the overall testing strategy or the format of bug reporting. Years of unhelpful and unprioritized bugs caused frustration. The Head of Success and Head of Engineering were eventually referred to Testlio.
The Voxer team immediately noticed higher quality bugs and over time found interfacing with Testlio to be seamless. “It results in a better experience for the customer when the bugs get to be fixed and pushed to production,” says Matei.
“It results in a better experience for the customer when the bugs get to be fixed and pushed to production”
Andreea Matei Lead Automation Developer at Voxer

Aligning priorities with Voxer sprints

On day one of the partnership, Testlio explored the app in its entirety and developed a test plan that included test cases, types of testers, devices, and tester location for a concerted effort.

Testlio’s passionate, skilled testers come by invitation only and are incentivized by the test lead to collaborate and submit high-quality bugs. Plus, the reports submitted to Voxer by the dedicated QA manager are highly visual, letting developers instantly see which areas of the app need attention.

By aligning test cycles with Voxer sprints and quickly delivering the results, Testlio helped Voxer focus their development efforts and build the best possible product.

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