Take a walk outside.

I’m willing to bet you see at least ten people who are glued to their phones.

There are arguments for and against how smartphones are taking over our world, but that talk can be saved for another time. Instead lets look at the depth in which they already have and will continue to take over our lives.

Did you know that we spend 127 minutes per day in apps. That’s two hours a day. If you don’t think that sounds like much, of our 24 hours, we spend 8 sleeping, 2 in traffic, another 8 in work. Assuming you don’t sleep less, work more, or work remote, that leaves 6 hours of time to ourselves.

In other words, we spend 33% of our free time on our phone.

Below is an awesome infographic from Knicket that will surely open your eyes on how much we really use our phones.

Mobile App Statistics