You don’t need anyone to remind you that the world is going mobile. Big businesses, small mom and pop shops, solo entrepreneurs — people from every market are developing mobile apps.

Unfortunately, a lot of the apps, even good ones, have too many bugs. Even a few small glitches can ruin an app’s reputation. Companies care about mobile testing, but many of them aren’t very good at it. They need your help.

Here at Testlio, we believe that mobile testing needs to be held to a higher standard. You, our wonderful testers, have proven that you’re the best in the world at what you do. However, we want to help even the people who don’t work directly with us. We want to help everyone make better mobile apps.

We’re going to do this by providing free blog articles that teach people how to be an all-star app tester, like you. Here’s how you can get involved.

We’re looking for talented app testers to share their knowledge on our blog. As you know, they don’t teach you app testing in school (though they should). There are a lot of people who don’t know what they’re talking about, and we want to help them become like you — the best testers in the world.

What’s In it For You

As a Testlio writer, your work will be in front of the entire mobile testing community. If you write killer articles, you’ll quickly become recognized as one of the top experts on mobile testing. You’ve already got a huge audience. In almost exactly a year, we’ve grown to almost 2,000 passionate testers from all over the world. That number is only going to get bigger, which means more and more people are going to see you as an expert. As an added bonus, you’ll also learn some of the techniques and tricks that we use to make app testing more efficient. To get involved, leave a comment below with one of the following:

  • Your biggest question about mobile app testing.
  • Your best tip for people interested in becoming a professional mobile app tester.

We’ll pick the best responses and contact you about joining the Testlio team. Good luck!