It’s been a week now since we started developing Testlio. And what an awesome week it has been so far.

On Monday we were introduced to Trish Khoo, an expert tester from Google division, by Simon Menashy, who was one of the judges in AngelHack. We arranged a meetup in the City and Jim Holmes from Telerik also joined us. We were over-helmed by their knowledge and ideas they shared with us. Truly, it was so awesome to meet them . 🙂

On Tuesday – Wednesday we met lots of, lots of people and got some more positive feedback. On Wednesday evening we received an invitation from Greg to go to an event called Silicon Valley comes to the UK.

So on Thursday we went to Google Campus to pitch our idea. As many startup events took place all over the weekend, the winners all over the UK came to Google Campus and shared their ideas. We were there to get some feedback from David Levison, Geoff Ralston, Kim Polese, Tim Foster, Jon Bradford, Eze Vidra.

Our evening ended up with GA European Buffet: Closing Party at the Hoxton Hotel to celebrate Internet Week Europe.

On friday Marko signed himself up for an event and had a private half-an-hour session with people from Google.
In the evening we went to an event that was organised by techmeetups. It was about how to build a community for a startup. Cool cool cool. Speeches from Richard Millinghton, Leon Tong and Shawn Gosh.

Saturday was the day for some hardcore coding and in the evening we met Alejandro Saucedo from Southampton Unversity. Very passionate guy about creating something life-changing.

By Kristel Viidik
Testlio Co-Founder