If you thought Testlions were little robots toiling away behind their desks 24/7, think again! And no, we are not mythical sphinx-like creatures either!

Intrigued yet? Well, since a picture is worth a thousand words, see for yourself how some of us spend the weekend…

“Happy and tired Testlions after a weekend with our partner NBA” — Michelle Surya, Head of Sales

Morning run is the best way to kickstart a productive day” — Aino-Silvia Tali, Community Team Lead

“Testing some rocks”  Valdo Purde, Software Engineer

Kaire Lusti.jpg
“Every weekend we go for a walk somewhere we’ve never been before. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a random street near our home or a hiking trail on the other side of Estonia. It’s in our list!”  Kaire Lusti, Designer

“Went for a drive with Michelle’s dad, Henry! Half Moon Bay in the Slingshot!”  Kristel Kruustük, CEO

“Heaven-ly”  Brendon Lim

“Truffle pasta and wine… perfect weekend bliss”  Josepha Miltony, Executive Administrative Manager


Went to a cafeteria over the weekend @Kernu manor”  Meelik Gornoi, Head of Engineering

“With family and good food. What better way to spend a weekend?”— Irma Mäss, Recruiter

“Met Rosie Sherry from Software Testing Club in Brighton”— Ursula Jõers, Community Engagement Manager

“Eat, sleep, ride, apres-ski, repeat”  Nele Noormägi, Financial Spetsialist