It’s pretty impossible to be a modern company and not have a purpose statement. While purpose is ubiquitous, I’ve found that a compelling purpose can be illusive. It’s rare that companies have a clear sense of meaning that aligns and sustains their team. I gently offer that Testlio’s purpose is meaningful—and effective. 

What I took with me—most importantly—is that purpose must be both grounded and lofty. Tangible and inspirational. Clear and effusive. Great purpose holds multiple truths simultaneously. It presents something that feels both at home and fresh.

At Testlio, we updated our purpose this year. Like many companies, we created a working group. We recruited employees at various levels across the organization. We went through multiple exercises. We sweated and debated and wordsmithed. We got stuck. We broke through. 

What drove us to explore a new purpose statement? For us, it was simple: we had outgrown our previous purpose. Our sense of Testlio’s place in the world had shifted. And with that, we were ready to create a new way of looking at ourselves. A new way of thinking. A new way of communicating who we are to one another—and the world at large.

Our purpose now reads: 

We power networked testing to enable human possibilities.

Our new purpose reflects why we exist. It drives our energy, our focus, and our identity. It is the essence of who we are.

Finally, everything we do is meant to enable human possibilities. What do we mean? 

First, we create possibilities for users of our customers’ products. Over 1 billion collective users rely upon our customers’ digital products to communicate, to work, to connect, to watch. To laugh, listen, express, and create. From amazing companies like CBS, Netflix, Microsoft, the NBA, and SAP, these products fuel the moments of life that matter.  

These five groups—users, customers, employees, freelancers, and communities—are the people who give Testlio’s work deep meaning. Everything Testlio does is in the spirit of serving people, allowing each human touched in some small or profound way to realize new possibilities.

Human possibilities energize me, and the Testlio team, to tackle each day with fresh hope, gratitude, and wonder. Our purpose pulls me forward. It helps me find hope when needed. It rekindles my fire if it lowers. It gives me clarity on days that seem murky. 

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We also work hard to keep our purpose front and center at the company. How do we do that? I’ll share some thoughts next time on techniques that work for us.