The holidays are all about family, togetherness, and making wishes come true. We asked our community of testers from all around the world what would they wish for this year’s holidays if they could ask for anything.

Some of the wishes that our testers asked for this magical season were more material than others. For example, a Tesla Cybertruck and of course our testers wished to have some new additions to their list of devices for testing purposes.

It was also nice to see wishes regarding self-development and hobbies in various areas. For example a wish to learn programming in Java, to take up an old passion for photography and creating videos. Our Ukrainian tester Yevhenii’s biggest wish for the holidays is to graduate and get a Master’s degree in Cyber Security.

Some testers’ wishes were more altruistic. For example, Maria from America wished for a safer world for her children to live in. She dreams of a world where human life is considered precious and everybody is living in peace with each other.

Our Kenyan tester Bryan has never seen snow in his life so he wishes to visit Tallinn Old Town’s Christmas market and to see the snow for the very first time. 

A view from Testlio’s office, 2019 – this one time we had snow in Tallinn.

Thank you for sharing your wishes with us!

A holiday message from Testlio

It is easy to get consumed by the commercial side of the season, which can take away some of the joy and magic of this beautiful time. That is why Testlio recommends to take some time out from all the hustle and bustle of the season, consume less, and concentrate on what is important – spending quality time with the loved ones.

Happy holidays from the Testlio family!