We are small, but thinking big. We are looking to extend our platform and add new features for both the community and to our service offering. Thus we are now building a world class and talented development team to Tallinn, Estonia.

If you don’t know much about Estonia, then it’s the place where Skype was born and where you can sign all your documents from mobile phone or vote on elections from your computer. Estonia is an innovative country and has got lots of startup attraction lately. It really is full of young, passionate and smart people which creates a lot of synergy for the next big thing to emerge.

We are currently looking for Web developers. If you are fluent in PHP, JavaScript and HTML5 then it’s exactly what we are looking for. We are also about to extend our platform to mobile operating systems and knowledge in Android or iOS is highly welcomed.

We offer you the possibility to influence all aspects of our platform development in order to make it a world class product. And of course, being part of a world class development team is motivating by itself as it enables lots of learning and growing possibilities.

If you are a kick-ass developer and want to change the world, let us know: hi@testlio.com.