My name is Bayu Ari, and I am from Indonesia. Being a manual tester was something entirely new to me when I joined Testlio back in October 2014. It was recommended to me by one of my friends. At that time, I was at the early stage of building an online career; my focus was on translating content and web research rather than on software testing.

At first, I was pretty nervous about not having an IT background. However, after a video call with Meelik Gornoi (Head of Engineering at Testlio), my worries were gone. He inspired me to work on my skills and learn more about software testing. Fortunately, Testlio saw something in me and included me in their community.

In my very first project, I felt that I did not perform well and stumbled on many typical beginner’s obstacles. However, I continued to study by reading the bug reports submitted by other testers in the project. Later on, I started to receive more project invitations as I learned more about mobile app testing and improved my testing quality.

With more exposure to the testing environment, there was an entirely new set of skills that I suddenly started to acquire without even realizing it myself.

The first lesson was on how to report bugs accurately. Testlio has high standards and clear requirements when it comes to bug reports. Thus, I quickly had to learn how to report issues and avoid duplicates.
In fact, I have seen a freelance project not related to the platform at all where Testlio’s blog posts are used as guidance for reports.

The second one was on hunting bugs – either by exploratory or following a test case provided on each test cycle. Finding bugs can be tricky. It requires intense focus and concentration to remember which steps precisely lead to the bug or crash.

Furthermore, I also have learned about documentation. Testlio introduced me to iTools that later became my most useful tools for iOS as well as Android.

Those are the basic skills that can be developed into more advanced ones when one continuously tests and learns. My plan is to continue to test and grow with Testlio in the future.

Moreover, using the skills acquired from Testlio, I’ve landed new clients and projects myself. My performance and quality has kept evolving throughout the years. I have come from being a person who did not know much about QA to someone who enjoys and thrives on mobile app testing.

This is something that I never saw coming, and Testlio is the place where I learned the skills I have today regarding quality assurance. They opened the doors that I never knew existed. Now I am working 40-50 hours per week as a freelancer, and I still dedicate my weekends for Testlio testing cycles. I feel immense gratitude to Testlio for welcoming me to the Testlions family back then. The honor has always been mine.

This post by Bayu Ari is part of a new series written by our community of testers.

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