The Software Testing World Cup (STWC) is a prestigious, fiercely competitive contest among today’s leading and aspiring QA testers. We assembled a team of some of our best testers to join in on the fun! Here was our lineup:
(From left to right: Alin Hritcu, Marek Langhans, Nicolae Cretu, Zuzana Čechivska)

This Year’s Challenge

  • Teams of four
  • 3 hours to test a mobile application on iOS and Android
  • Teams must prepare:
    • Detailed end report with bugs found
    • Screenshots, video, and crash logs
    • Mind map
    • Graphs displaying results

The app they would be testing was kept secret, but they were given a heads up on what platforms they’d be testing on a week ahead. This gave our team time to prepare their devices and plan a strategy for attack!

Participants come from all over the globe, and can compete online in the initial rounds. The best teams will meet at the STWC finals, which consists of seven teams: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America.

The TestLion Team Strategy
Creating a good end report was just as much an important task as finding tons of critical bugs in this competition, so our team knew to set aside ample time to prepare. Using a group voice call for communication, the team used shared documents and spreadsheets, allowing for real-time editing for each individual.

The team focused on exploratory testing, everyone using their own experiences and ideas to navigate the app thoroughly. For the first 2 hours of the 3 hour competition, Marek, Alin, Zuzana, and Nicolae tested simultaneously on multiple mobile devices–individually logging the issues they found, but verbally collaborating as they ran into issues that should be explored further.

For the last hour, Marek, Zuzana, and Nicolae continued preparing the reports and making sure everything was logged correctly while Alin continued testing alone, and passing them any additional issues he found. This was truly a test of speed and endurance!

As Alin explained:

“To be honest, the Testlio platform was kind of gym for us. We’re training every day.”

Quite often, work assignments range from 1-3 hours and require testers to write very detailed reports, giving our team ample practice pairing speed with incredible focus and attention to detail.

Looking Ahead

Our TestLion team has finished their participation in the Europe preliminary round, looking forward to the next stage in the competition. They appear confident and hopeful, and we wish them the best in the coming challenges!