Beginning testing on a new project, or even some new feature of a known project, is the start of a new journey.

You have your skills, experience, knowledge of basic project needs and the points that should be satisfied. You have an intention to look ahead and to carefully and methodically explore each part of the journey. You look to the project and you see the parts that must be tested, one by one.

Step by step, the journey emerges, like airplane tickets from your location to city A, with a return flight from city B, and you have a list of places you want to visit between A and B. And then you are going further.

Arriving at every previously defined part of the project, you’ll outline the further steps for this specific part. Which is more critical to check, which is less? Coming to the new city, you need to find out how to satisfy your basic needs, such as sleep, food, bathroom things. Then you’ll go further and talk a look around, decide what deserves your attention and time —monuments, museums, parks, concerts — whatever it is.

This is exactly how I travel. Life is actually a journey, isn’t it? I have no rigid plan, just vision, intentions, and possibilities. Arriving at the next city, I have obscurity in front of me. How will it go, what will happen? I know what I need, I’m hungry to explore and investigate, and sometimes I have to be insistent.

All the time I need to open my mind and repeat the question “Why not try this?” Why not ask, clarify, learn more about the city or its citizens. Why not smile and say hello, why not ask for or offer help. Why not go deeper and open one more door.

Testers and travelers have to be ready for everything, react quickly, be friendly, polite, and enjoy the process all at once. It’s always worth it.

So, how do I use my testing skills in everyday life?

I use them to enjoy life. When you are open minded, friendly, polite, diligent and attentive, you have more things to think about, experience and relish. When you have the ability to define and understand the goals of others, you have to make fewer efforts and spend less power to help them or archive your own goals. Overall, it makes your picture of the world brighter, wider, fuller and more colorful. And that way, life doesn’t go by in vain.

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