After a week I submitted the project and discussed my results with Oliver. I wasn’t happy with it. I decided that I want to start from scratch and submit new results soon. But it did not happen as I went to San Francisco and when I came back my life had changed and I was busier than ever (yeah I know, apologies-apologies).

Time went on and one day Oliver asked me: “Hey, you remember you wanted to do my assignment from scratch. What happened to it?” By that time I had already forgotten it and wanted to hide my head under the sand like an ostrich. But this did not rescue me from not finishing the assignment.

I decided to get it done in a week. This time I knew better to ask Oliver to set me a penalty as well. We decided that I would have to get 10 videos of testers who tell me the definition of software testing in one sentence. Long story short, above are the answers 😉

At first, getting all these videos sounded very easy, but actually I have to lower my expectations on people’s eagerness to talk in front of the camera.
What could be the reasons why people could turn me down in such situations? Maybe it’s because:

  1. People don’t know what software testing is and are embarrassed. Although their attitude says something else.
  2. People do know what software testing is, but they are afraid to fail or think differently.
  3. They just don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera.
  4. Other – busy people, no cameras etc.

Whatever the reasons may be, the most important thing is that I got the videos and I want to thank Grete, Lalita, Miguel, Sergio, Terry, Sandra, Jesper, Alexey, Shashi and Kadri for your input and Oliver for being a great mentor.

By Kristel Viidik
Testlio Co-Founder