Testlio—it is more than a job experience. It’s an ocean of possibilities and an invitation to a whole world of professionals who have a real love for testing.

My story starts from the moment I saw this statement: “We only work with three percent of people who want to join our community.” I saw this as a good challenge.

I registered to participate in a practice project. It was pleasantly surprised that I was asked to choose a date that was convenient for me. Moreover, to my surprise, the task and the description of the test project were transparent and very well written.

In an environment with such clear instructions, there were few questions, but when they did arise, the test leads were always ready to come to my rescue. An even bigger surprise was the quality of the project. The application that I needed to test was from a respected company. I was able to find authentic bugs and successfully pass the practice project. Later I was added to full-fledged projects, which are even more fascinating.

Testlio has dramatically affected my life in many ways. For example, I better understand the importance of my time. I can entirely concentrate on doing quality work, on discovering high priority bugs without worrying that I need to find large numbers of bugs to receive payment.

At Testlio, a tester will continuously grow by gaining experience, improving the skills and increasing knowledge. Many people are working here to help testers to achieve that. Lots of educational information, a variety of events, news, and webinars—all from the best specialists in testing world— are at your disposal. For each question, idea and suggestion, you will get feedback. All are equal and treat each other with great respect.

I joined the community just a few months ago, but I can confidently say that this place is a fantastic experience not only for customers but for testers too.

A smile appears on my face when I see how many people use the application I tested. At that moment, I feel that I am part of something much bigger, I am indeed a Testlion. 

Have fun and love testing!

This post by Yevhenii Molchanov is part of a new series written by our community of testers.

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