Workers are taking charge now.

For consumers, it is becoming more convenient than ever to outsource daily chores.

Twice a week I host a webinar where I chat with any of the testers who have signed up to work with us. It’s astounding to see people excited because it allows them to work on their own schedule.

Having a good job no longer means dedicating your career to another company’s schedule.



Service Transformation

There’s a good reason the on-demand services are growing.

It’s because it’s truly a win/win/win situation. The benefitting customers are able to optimize their dollar for value, workers who deliver on the services are only required to deliver if they choose to work at that time, and the hosting company takes percentage of the charge.

People use services like Airbnb and Uber because they offer a unique value. While the prices of an Airbnb are nearing the same price of a hotel, people still choose Airbnb because they’re not just getting a room just like the hundreds of other ones, they’re getting the unique experience of a person’s house and their friendship.

Caviar is a service that delivers food to you from restaurants which normally don’t deliver. There’s a general stigma if you order delivery you’re going to experience a lower quality meal. Caviar destroyed this thought for me. In an hour I can get a meal delivered to me from my favorite sit down restaurant on the other side of the city. For an additional five dollars, I save the time and cost of transportation. You can’t beat that.

Companies who use Testlio optimize the value of their dollar by only using as many testing hours as required. Other companies who seek to have their own internal QA team are forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on hours their QA team may not have been needed.


A job when you want it

Less than ten years ago if you we’re not a contract or remote worker, you would be finding yourself working under a roof with other employees for your assigned time before going home.

What Uber Drivers Make | Buzzfeed

There are testers who use Testlio as a source of secondary income. They have their full time jobs working as a professional tester for a large corporation during the day, and then they will commit a few hours a week to Testlio to make a little bit of extra spending money.

On-demand workers work when they want to. If they find themselves needing more money, they’ll work more hours. If they feel like taking a week off, they don’t have to seek permission. They just do it.

No management. No politics.

Lyft Driver Car

Everyone has heard or have had their own stories of a tyrannical boss who didn’t know what they were doing.

A big appeal of being an on-demand employee is you no longer have someone watching over you. It’s just you in the environment you feel comfortable in.

You are completely accountable for yourself. By being an on-demand employee, you are not reliant on someone else and no one else can make you look bad. If you look bad, there’s a good chance it’s because you are bad.

Employing the best.

Workforce quality is an important factor for any on-demand service company.

While it may be easy to get into the doors of any of these places, if you’re a poor performer, you’ll be kicked out very quickly.

Anyone can sign up to be a tester at Testlio, however that doesn’t mean everyone will be assigned to a paid project. We actively seek out testers who have previous testing experience and have been the most active.

Our customers choose us because we only use the world’s best testers, we need to make sure we deliver on that promise.


There’s an increasing number of companies popping into the on-demand business model. These companies are employing workers who have control of their lives, thus creating a happy workforce.

You no longer have to work under someone else’s schedule to make a decent and happy living. Workers are taking employment into their own hands.

We’re at the beginning of a transformation where our lives are no longer defined by our careers.