Quality assurance matters in all things – be they digital or physical. So, make sure to follow the steps below while facing these different scenarios:

1. When having fun on a waterslide, make sure to double-check that your top is still on when you reach the  bottom. 

#SayNoToWardrobeMalfunction (Kristi Kaljurand, Senior QA Team Lead)

2. When shopping for bell peppers, here’s a way to test you pick the perfect one: beside looking for a brightly colored and firm bell pepper that doesn’t have any soft spots nor wrinkled skin, make sure it has 3 bumps on the bottom (or in layman terms, looks to have a three-cheeked derrière). That way it has less seeds and is easier to clean! 

#RedPepperbellsAreLife (Irma Mäss, Recruiter)

3. When planning a car trip, always check your gas before taking a drive! This one is self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised at how many people find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere with no gas left in the tank…

#FuelYourTrip (Max Jackson, Enterprise Account Executive)

4. When you reach for that yummy looking cookie you see on the kitchen counter, don’t wolf it down immediately – give it a little taste with the tip of your tongue first… You really don’t want to eat your dog’s biscuit by mistake! 

#DogLifeIsBetter (Mariliis Kampus, QA Project Manager)

5. When you use social media management apps, make sure you have the correct account selected… mistakenly posting personal things from your business account is not a good look. 

#ItsNotMeIwasHacked (Martin Kruusimägi, Product Manager)

6. When you’ve been waiting all winter to take your motorcycle out and about, do a quick sanity check to make sure the brakes still work before you take it out for a drive! 

#BetterCautiousThanSorry (Jared Straub, QA Team Lead)

7. When cooking eggs, it’s actually better to crack them on a flat surface rather than the edge of a bowl – you’ll have fewer shell bits and also less risk of contamination that way! #OmletteDoneRight

#OmletteDoneRight (Kristel Kruustük, Founder & CEO)

8. When trying to assemble office furniture, double-check if you can delegate this task to your CEO instead 🙂 

#DelegateEffectively (Rudolf Elbrecht, QA Project Manager)

Kristel assembling furniture for Testlio’s Tartu office