Managing customer relationships is arguably the most important day-to-day duty of sales professionals.

Pipedrive, a sales CRM solution based in Tallinn, Estonia and New York City knows firsthand how sales productivity tools can fuel a rising company’s growth. Tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses rely on Pipedrive to develop and grow relationships that add to their bottom line. Pipedrive isn’t just a tool for its users, it’s a revenue driver for founders and sales leaders across the world.

Pipedrive updates its web app 40-50 times per day, writing automated tests and automatically deploying any updates to the live build. However, its mobile apps are released every few months, requiring a completely different approach to quality and customer experience. Luckily, Testlio can test new builds in 48 hours or less, enabling Pipedrive to add new features at a rapid pace.

Key benefits of Pipedrive’s partnership with Testlio include:

  • Testlio keeps pace with Pipedrive’s rapid development cycle
  • Testlio knows QA can make or break the customer experience
  • Testlio complements Pipedrive’s testing capabilities

Pipedrive’s relationship with Testlio will ensure it keeps setting the bar for quality and seamless experience in sales and enterprise software worldwide.