Automated tests are quickly becoming essential to releasing at the pace consumers and enterprises demand.

In fact, 50% of QA engineers said they thought 80% or more of their tests would be automated within two years, according to a recent industry survey.

Companies need to make automation part of their QA now to be ready for the future.

Join Valdo, one of our expert automation engineers, on September 28 for a seasoned perspective on how companies can enhance their automated tests as well as how to avoid common mistakes teams make when diving into automated QA.

Here’s what you can expect to take away:

  • Why automated testing is on the rise
  • How to get started as an automation engineer
  • The four biggest benefits of deploying automated tests
  • How a national media company benefitted from automating with Testlio
  • Common mistakes made when launching an automation program and how to prevent them
  • The answer to any and all of your QA questions – Valdo can’t wait to hear them!

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