In Meet Testlio, we feature employees who make working at Testlio fun, meaningful, and impactful. John serves as one of Testlio’s most experienced QA Project Managers. You can read about him below or watch his short video here. Don’t forget to check out available Jobs at Testlio here.

Meet John

John is a Sr. QA Project Manager (QAPM) at Testlio and works remotely from his home office outside of San Francisco.

John is a QA industry thought leader and is frequently asked to join panel discussions and facilitate workshops at testing conferences and events around the world. For example, John is hosting a workshop titled Test Faster: A Workshop to Accelerate Your Testing Cycles at the 2019 Software Testing Professional Conference (STPCon) in Boston, MA, USA.

John grew up in the Midwestern United States in Indiana. His home town of Indianapolis is a major center for motorsports and the headquarters for the world’s oldest major automobile race, the Indianapolis 500.

The Testlio core value that most resonates with John is teamwork. He knows from experience that his teammates are always ready and willing to help out when it comes to taking care of customers.  

 If I need help, my teammates are ready to jump in and help. So, we’re a really good collaborative team where we’re working together to help out clients. – John

If you ever want to see John’s eyes light up, ask him about Jake. When he’s not working, John spends as much time as possible with Jake, his German Shepard. He also loves to go fly fishing at Henry’s Fork near Yellowstone National Park in Idaho, U.S.

If you want to come to work with amazing people like John every day, check out the available jobs at Testlio! We’re hiring.

Tim Ryan serves as the Director of Marketing for Testlio and spends his time between Austin, TX and New Orleans, LA.