Logan Green and John Zimmer founded Lyft to change transportation for the better and improve the future of our cities. Since launching Lyft in 2012, the duo has grown the business into an on-demand transportation service that is essential to the lives of millions.

Lyft knows that a first-class customer experience is key to growing ridership in a highly competitive industry. It has to nail the user experience every time. If it doesn’t, riders will seek out another service. Lyft chose Testlio as its mobile testing partner in 2016 because of its professionally vetted testers who can execute complex and precise test cases while approaching the app without the unconscious bias of the company’s in-house QA team.

Key benefits of Lyft’s partnership with Testlio include:

  • Testlio partners with the highest quality testers
  • Testlio scales with Lyft’s specific needs
  • Testlio returns test results in 48 hours or less

In the competitive ridesharing industry, Lyft relies on its customer experience to differentiate itself from competitors. Its employees use Testlio to optimize their internal priorities, maintain a weekly release cycle, and deliver the seamless functionality its users have now come to expect.