Screen recordings of mobile apps can unfortunately cause confusion.

When we open and verify issues, we oftentimes attach videos of the event that occurred to make reproducing easier.

Unlike a laptop or desktop computer, a phone or tablet features no pointer to follow along with. The viewer of a screen-recorded video cannot see which option is being tapped or clicked.

Sometimes it is almost impossible to follow what is happening on screen. When the recording app is on the device, you simply cannot see the physical movement of a tester’s finger as they manipulate the app.

My effort to make life easier for my fellow testers is to use an external recording device, e.g., a phone or camera, to record my videos. That way I can add voice-overs to my videos that explain verbally what I’m doing in the app. The viewer can “follow the finger,” too; seeing where the finger is being used directly on an app or on a remote control for a device.

This video I recorded gives a short example of the added value of voice-overs. On longer, more complicated issues, having voice-overs allows the viewer to quickly grasp what is occurring on screen. I’ve found that they can even help me if I am asked a question about an issue I opened or verified.

If you’re already recording videos using an external device, adding voice-overs doesn’t add time to the task. And it may allow your fellow testers to watch your video once, instead of viewing it multiple times to figure out what is happening on the testing device. Try it!

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