The integrations team is here to integrate our test management platform, where our testers report bugs to, with your issue tracker.

You might interface with us at the very beginning of an engagement with Testlio and not really hear from us again. That’s okay it means the integration is running smoothly.

We are always there working in the background to maintain stability, improve flexibility and build new features for the integration platform.

No need to log into our test management platform to see bugs

Development teams value their time. Our clients don’t want another place to go and look for issues they want all of the info, programming tasks, bugs, etc. in their own issue tracker. That’s why Testlio has built integrations with the popular issue trackers available. Some of the issue fields that will be synced include title, issue description, comments, attachments, statuses, priorities/severities, and features/components.

Seamless integrations onboarding

We believe the integration onboarding experience should be seamless, which is why we handle the heavy lifting. Clients only need to verify our setup configuration documentation and testing results to sign off.

After gaining access to a client’s issue tracker, we’ll review and document mandatory fields for bug creation, analyse client workflow set-up for coherency, define the needed mapping for bug statuses, priorities/severities, and features/components. We then do the testing and then sign off.

The issue trackers we support, out of the box


In addition, we develop custom integrations with new issue trackers when the need arises.

Team-to-team collaboration

Our testers report bugs on Testlio’s platform, after which our QA Project Manager will review them all and approve the most important ones. The approval triggers issues to be synced to client’s issue tracker and keeps issues in sync throughout their lifecycle.

Since no dev teams work the same, Testlio’s integration needs to have the flexibility to adjust and link into a given client’s team development work process.

A customized coherent workflow set-up between Testlio Platform and clients’ issue trackers via status mapping is the biggest benefit because it links two teams to work as one and communicate on the same issues from their own native work environments.

Increasing flexibility and supporting greater customization

76% of our clients issue tracker integrations are with JIRA, which is a highly customizable product. That’s why we are developing an even more sophisticated integration platform by supporting multiple mandatory custom field integration, many-to-one priority mapping, more flexible status mapping, Resolution closing values sync, JIRA to Testlio back sync features and much more.

We’ll be gradually rolling out changes to our integrations platform over Q2 and Q3 and notifying upgraded clients beforehand.