William Feather once said, “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” Life comes with its ups and downs, and happy are those who take life as it comes.

However, there are always little subconscious decisions that we make in our everyday life that keep us going—day after day. In these small decisions, we’re able to use some of the skills we acquire through testing.

From the morning bath water to the breakfast toast, from the door locks to the elevator buttons, from the car route planning to basement parking, from selecting supermarket food items to checking the final bill, from the early morning coffee to the evening workout—we test things, we test situations, we test our stamina. The list is long, and so are the test cases.

I am sometimes intrigued by the mere fact that we can enhance the quality of our decisions by just being mindful of the various possible situations. I’m in awe of the impact of any decision on so many potential scenarios.

For over a year, I was contemplating buying a car and I settled for a black SUV last month—cost me a fortune, but I love it! Even though I was aware of all the specifications (courtesy of my year-long research), I wore my tester’s hat as I drove out of the showroom complex. I gauged the speedometer as I drove home, carefully screened each and every corner of the interior and ascertained that it was functional. It was exciting to test the terrain incline and water resistance of the brand new shining tires. The tester in me drove off with glittering eyes.

With ever-increasing technological interventions in our everyday lives, we end up using digital solutions for everyday activities. This pushes the boundaries of how we assess and improve as individuals. I am a fitness freak and an ardent user of Fitbit, a popular health band. I set daily fitness goals—exercise regime, diet, sleep etc. The tester in me picks up the most viable combination of all the three fitness components, and this is based on a very rigorous and comprehensive back and forth analysis. How much do I eat? How far do I run? How long do I sleep? What is the quality of my sleep?

I love my professional job as a tester, and I am able to make very careful choices in my daily life using my testing skills. While I am able to improve the quality of my decisions, I am, at the same time inspired to hone the personal skills that to lead a better life, every single day.

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