Digital magazine platform Flipboard is a fan favorite for curating and devouring content from a variety of sources. Since its start in 2010, Flipboard has added thousands of publishers on its platform, tens of thousands of topics and its community of 100 million active monthly users is curating over 30 million magazines. Readers flip through, save, and share articles across mobile (iOS and Android) devices and on the web.

In 2015, the team decided that it was time for a change in how they approached quality assurance. Flipboard identified several solutions and chose Testlio because of the dedicated team, customized test management, and immediate feedback.

Key benefits of Flipboard’s partnership with Testlio include:

  • Testlio offers flexibility by quickly adapting to Flipboard’s needs
  • Flipboard can easily communicate with testers on Testlio’s platform
  • Testlio enables Flipboard to maintain an excellent user experience despite organizational changes.

“Testlio feels like an extension of our own team and capability,” says Barrie Levinson, Head of Program Management and Product Operations at Flipboard.

Testlio helps Flipboard improve quality on every device in every location where users rely on the app for stories that change the world from inside its elegant interface.

See how Flipboard maintains an elegant, design-first experience in our new case study.