Building quality software at scale and at the speed required by today’s highly competitive market can be challenging for even the most seasoned brands and publishers. Therefore, creating a holistic QA strategy that fits into the product life cycle and aligns with continuous development environments is crucial. 

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To yield the best results and help ensure compelling web and mobile app experiences, software testing must be flexible, burstable, and scalable. These characteristics support the Networked Testing methodology, a new paradigm for integrating manual and automated testing. 

Striking the right balance between manual and automation testing

Successful software leaders know the right mix of app testing methods and QA services lead to more efficient quality assurance outcomes. That is why today, the most efficient web and mobile app testing approaches combine the best test automation strategy with expert-powered manual testing practices. Together, humans and machines run rapid test cycles, in short testing windows, to quickly release great consumer apps.

To help you turn knowledge into action, we have written a quick practical e-book with real examples and applied case studies. In short order, you’ll learn how to apply Networked Testing best practices to your CI/CD workflows. You’ll also learn how to build an efficient QA strategy that reduces risks and avoids coverage gaps overlooked in even the best automation strategy. 

Most importantly, the e-book guides you through how to integrate manual and automation testing with the right blend of on-demand manual testers and automated testing tools to save costs.

Key takeaways from the guide include: 

  • How the networked testing methodology helps engineering teams release faster
  • How to efficiently integrate automated scripts with human-based testing
  • Best practices, case studies, and tools to efficiently augment automation with manual testing
  • How to synthesize your automated and manual testing results for integrated reporting
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