Since Testlio was created 6 years ago, we’ve grown multiples  – with our people (or testlions as we like to refer to ourselves) spanning today 2 continents and 3 cities: the U.S. with San Francisco, and Europe with Tallinn and Tartu.

Needless to say, we’ve always been a very diverse bunch ethnically and culturally. To find out just how diverse, we recently conducted a little survey which resulted in these 10 fun facts:

1. We’re (almost) gender equal

Women make up 46% of the workforce, and men 54% (and nope, no quotas were involved in this magic formula – this distribution has happened organically and serendipitously)

2. We’re in our prime: not (too) young, not (too) old

Testlionesses range from ages 25 to 30 (50%), 31 to 40 (36%), 18 to 24 (9%), and 41 to 50 (5%).  

Male counterparts are mostly 25 to 30 years old (70%), and between 31 to 40 (30%)

3. We have (mostly) straight hair

All genders included, 61% of us have straight hair while 39% have a naturally wavy or curly mane.

4. We’re (predominantly) right-handed

Only 12% of us are able to use their left hand to write in a perfectly legible way.

5. Not all of us have dimples but we’re still (somewhat) cute

Equally 25% of men and women have dimples here at Testlio.

6. Some of us have (allegedly) the rarest eye color in the world

Green-eyed testlions and testlionesses account for 31% of our people, while blue and brown-eyed folks come second with 25% respectively.

We have 60% skilled and 16% moderate tongue-rollers across the whole company.

8. A few of us have (real) freckles

According to the numbers, testlions have less freckles (22%) than testlionesses (38%).

9. We’re canine lovers (big or small)

If we must choose, 58% of us prefer dogs over cats.

10. We love cake (way) more than pie

While a tiny portion (8%) is neither cake nor pie, 56% of can’t resist a good cake.