“I am neither clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.” – Albert Einstein

Curiosity has guided me throughout my life. It’s curiosity that made me desire to become an engineer, and curiosity that guided me to Testlio.

I’m from São Paulo, Brazil and have been programming since I was a teenager. By following my own curiosity, I now find myself in the world of software testing.

One year ago, I was searching through a job board, not knowing exactly what I was looking for, and then I discovered a company in need of Brazilians who could perform software testing. I wanted to learn more about this company and understand what they do. A quick Google search brought up the Testlio website. Curiosity about the opportunity led me to apply and try to become part of the testing team.

With absolutely no expectations, I filled out the online application. I had no professional experience. All I had ever tested was my own software that I programmed for fun.

But soon I received a link…a link that had infinite looping. I thought, how I can explain to them that the site has a bug? I inspected the code in Chrome, searching throughout the source code, and there it was…the error I was looking for. This activity was a test and I had just discovered what to tell them to help them fix the error. Passing that test was the first of many rewards with Testlio.

My curiosity guided me to Testlio and now where is Testlio guiding me? Somewhere I never would have imaged.

I have been working with the company for more than a year. During this time, I have had the pleasure to meet a wonderful team that is always there to help. I have met people around the world that have the intention to deliver the absolute best of themselves and to do their best work. I have vastly improved my skills in testing mobile and web apps.

Today, I’m living in Portugal and this is all due to Testlio. Without them, maybe I wouldn’t have even thought of starting a master’s program in the University of Porto to learn more about Quality Assurance. But following my curiosity has led me here. And soon, with the money I earn from Testlio, I’ll be headed to London for a little trip. The money is of course just one form of reward. Learning for the sake of learning…the opportunity to search for something new…it’s this obsession with curiosity where my true rewards come from.

This post by Guilherme Reis is part of a new series written by our community of testers.

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