For the next month (Oct 1 – Oct 31), we’re running a photo contest on Instagram and giving away some Testlio swag! Get a chance to win a Testlio t-shirt, stickers, and hoodie by entering! Here are the rules:

  • Take a photo: of you and something awesome. Whether it’s your favorite cafe to hang out at, a famous landmark, or a cool street fair, make it something you find spectacular! Hold up a sign that says #TestlioAroundTheWorld and represent your city!
  • Share: Tell us a little about your favorite place in your photo description, and tag your photo with #TestlioAroundTheWorld so everyone can find it! We’ll use that to locate your photo and enter you in the contest.

Here’s our first entry:

Testlio contest example entry

Make sure to post your photo before 23:59 on October 31th Pacific Time, or you won’t be entered in the drawing for Testlio gear!

We’re looking forward to some epic photos from you. If you have any questions, please leave a reply below!